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I was born and raised in Cicero, attending schools in the North Syracuse District from kindergarten through my graduation from C-NS in 1997.  When it came time for my wife, Ashley, and me to buy a house and start a family, we didn't look anyplace other than Cicero.  In fact, we even ended up buying a house on the same street where I grew up!


My regular full-time job is as an attorney, primarily practicing family law, at my family's practice on Route 11 in North Syracuse.  In addition, since graduating from Syracuse University College of Law I worked as a college cheerleading coach for seven years - six as head coach at Oswego State and one as an assistant coach at SU.  When I was an undergraduate student at SU, in addition to being on the varisty cheerleading team, I coached Cicero Falcons Cheerleading for two years, with my Junior Midget team winning a state championship in 2001.


Like you, my wife and I chose Cicero for its high quality of life, safe streets, and great community atmosphere.  Now that I'm a father, it's even more important to me that Cicero maintain and improve upon those qualities which made it so attractive in the first place.  It's for that reason that I am running for reelection this year.  We've made great strides in turning Cicero's fiscal situation around and as long as we keep up the hard work we've been doing, those strides will translate into improved services and quality of life for our residents.


My philosophy on government is that the government should intrude upon your life as little as possible, and provide the services which it is obligated to provide at the lowest possible cost.  That philosophy has guided my actions on the Town Board, as I have worked to reform the Town Code and make it less burdensome on residents and business owners, advocated for cost saving measures, and insisted that all contracts go out for bid every time.



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